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Welcome to Aldent dental practice

With our professional dental care, your teeth will not only look beautiful but be healthy too. We treat all our patients with the utmost care, and our individual approach guarantees you excellent results. At Aldent we pride ourselves on our staff expertise, our modern equipment and comfortable surroundings, which is why we’re one of Wrocław’s most sought-after dental practices.

We also take National Healthcare (NFZ) patients.

Most importantly, not only will your teeth get the best care possible, treatments are also painless. Our staff have regular training to upgrade their qualifications in order to maintain the highest standards of treatment.

We believe that our professionalism, experience, excellent equipment and patient care will leave you happy and smiling.

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It’s a rapidly developing area, with modern prosthetics that give greater options for improving the appearance of your teeth.

A missing tooth can leave you feeling embarrassed, but luckily dental implant treatment is a great solution.

Aldent has a range of safe surgical procedures, and be assured our dentists will understand your needs.

Orthodontics is a branch of dentistry dealing with the treatment of malocclusion – straightening the teeth

If the pulp inside your tooth has become damaged or infected, a root canal treatment can help

We use the latest digital radiological diagnostic system, which means that we can take pictures directly during a procedure

General dentistry aims to avoid pain and maintain the natural colour and shape of your teeth

We have both clinic and home-based options: Beyond, Opalescence Xtra Boost, Pola Office & Nite White

Modern dental technologies now make it possible to whiten dead teeth