Beautiful and straight teeth are part of facial harmony and beauty

Orthodontics is a branch of dentistry dealing with the treatment of malocclusion, in other words, straightening the teeth.

Orthodontic treatments:

  • prevention of misalignment
  • removable braces for children
  • permanent braces for children and adults

Lovely straight teeth bring harmony and beauty to your face. A nice smile not only improves your appearance but helps you feel good about yourself. You gain confidence when dealing with other people, at work and in your personal life. Orthodontic treatment can be used to straighten out your teeth at any age.

In adults

The problems are usually more complicated and complex, which is why we use only fixed braces. Adults who have problems due to grinding, wear and tear or excessive build-up of tartar should also have an orthodontic consultation.

Teeth that are unaligned can cause problems in the temporomandibular joint, speech and breathing disorders, and above all lead to decay and periodontal disease.

When undergoing orthodontic treatment, you need to pay more attention to maintaining perfect oral hygiene. Thoroughly brush your teeth with fluoride toothpaste, use mouthwashes and limit sugary foods that lead to tooth decay.

Your first appointment at the orthodontist

On your first visit, the dentist examines you and gives an initial assessment of the existing misalignment. The problem is discussed with you, along with your expectations of the orthodontic treatment. The dentist takes photos and makes impressions of your teeth. Your respiration, swallowing, speech, facial features and functioning of your temporomandibular joints are all examined. An initial treatment plan is made. You’ll be referred for a specialist X-ray.

Your second appointment

After analysis of the X-ray images, diagnostic models and photographic images, a detailed treatment plan and a cost estimate are drawn up. During your next appointment you’re fitted with fixed or removable braces.

Quick guide

  • orthodontics is not just about straightening teeth; it treats the whole masticatory system, which is why it is unusual to have braces on only one arch,
  • when you have fixed braces fitted, it’s normal to feel pain – this lasts a few days but doesn’t usually require the use of painkillers,
  • you should avoid hard foods and stick to a soft diet, especially if you’ve had fixed braces fitted,
  • you can apply a special protective wax if your mouth gets sore,
  • removable braces must be worn regularly,
  • during treatment with fixed braces, it’s common to have to wear rubber bands, which you have to put on yourself,
  • sometimes teeth need to be removed, but this is given a thorough assessment and treated as a last resort,
  • dental treatment is possible during orthodontic treatment and should not be put off,
  • after orthodontic treatment there is always retention treatment, which lasts more or less as long as the actual orthodontic treatment.