Calcium hydroxide after whitening dead teeth 50zł
Root canal filling 200-500zł
Intermediate visit 100zł
Root canal retreatment 200-500zł
Devitalisation 100zł
Abscess incision 50-100zł
Flap surgery with bone-replacement material 300zł + sutures
Flap surgery with bone-replacement material 350zł + graft material
Membrane application 300-600zł + graft material
Surgical extraction single-root tooth 120-180zł multi-root tooth 140-500zł
Closed curettage for each tooth 100zł
Open curettage for 1 tooth 200zł for all teeth 700zł
Implant-supported denture individually costed
Crown on bridge individually costed
Crown 2500zł
Ridge augmentation 350-1000zł + graft material
Open sinus lift 2500-3000zł + graft material
Closed sinus lift 1500-1800zł + graft material
Uncovering an implant from another clinic 400zł
Uncovering an implant from our clinic free
Placement of implant 2500zł
Trans-palatal arch 300 zł
Band bonding 50 zł
Repair of removable braces 80-150 zł
Re-adhesion of bracket 50 zł
Removal of fixed braces - one arch 100 zł
Fixed retention braces 200-350 zł
Plate retention braces 350 zł
Twin Force bite corrector 800 zł
Motion appliance 800 zł
Hyrax appliance 600 zł
Haas appliance 600 zł
Follow-up appointment (removable braces) 50 zł
Follow-up appointment (fixed braces) 100 zł
Twin Block appliance 800 zł
Removable braces 500-900 zł
Fixed self-ligating braces - single arch 2200 zł
Fixed aesthetic braces - single arch 2500 zł
Fixed metal braces - single arch 1700 zł
Orthodontic consultation with impressions 100 zł
Orthodontic consultation 100 zł
Dental sealing 40zł (1 tooth)
Impregnation / silver nitrate filling (3 visits, paid on the 1st) 100zł
Varnishing 90zł
Sandblasting 100zł
Scaling 70zł - 1 arch 140zł - 2 archs
Ivoclar dentures (full set) 250zł
Transparent palate 150zł
Strengthening mesh 150zł
Crown bonding 50zł
Denture repair (1 point) 100zł
Partial denture with clasps (2 crowns + 2 clasps + frame) 2 x 600zł + 1000zł + 1200zł
Splint partial denture 1500zł
Partial denture 1300-1500zł
Dental guard (for grinding) 250zł
Denture relining 250zł
Denture up to 4 teeth 450zł
Denture from 9 to 13 teeth 550zł
Denture up to 9 teeth 600zł
Full denture (non state healthcare refundable) 800-1000zł
Standard onlay 80zł
Fibreglass onlay 400zł
Lab-cast 3-root onlay 300-400zł
Lab-cast 2-root onlay 250zł
Lab-cast 1-root onlay 200zł
Metal crown 500zł
Full ceramic crown 1200zł
Zirconia crown 1400zł
Aluminium crown 1600zł
Porcelain crown on metal 800-1600zł
Full ceramic veneer 1200-1400zł
Acetal, nylon dentures 1500zł
Laser treatment 20zł or 30zł
50zł - 1 arch 70zl - 2 arches
Amalgam 80-100zł
Retention pins 50zł
Hypersensitivity treatment 20zł (1 tooth)
Biopharmaceutical 50-100zł
Whitening of dead teeth 3 x 50zł (three appointments)
Rinsing gum pockets 30-50zł
Root canal therapy (children) 60zł + filling 80zł
Whitening 900zł 800zł - lamp 700zł - overlays
Treatment-free check up (second visit) 50zł
Treatment-free check up (first visit) free
Tooth reconstruction 250-400zł
Light-cured veneer 300zł
Wypełnienie światłoutwardzalne u dzieci 80zł
Composite filling (children) 70zł
Composite filling 70zł
Light-cured filling 100-200zł
X-ray 20zł
Anaesthesia Xylonor 30zł
Consultation 50-100zł
Panoramic dental X-ray 70zł
Excision of gingival pocket (inc. dressing) 100zł
Radectomy (root excision) 200-300zł
Abscess incision (inc. dressing) 100zł
Cystectomy 300-1500zł
Hemisection 120zł
Crown extension 200zł
Frenuloplasty (upper and lower lip, tongue) 100-120zł
Extraction of root residue or completion of extraction 500zł
Sutures 50zł+20zł removal of stitches
Reverse root canal filling 100zł
Root resection (premolars/molars) 500-600zł
Root resection (insicors/canines) 350zł
Oroantral communication closure 350zł
Surgical tooth extraction with flap detachment 300-400zł
Surgical extraction of impacted tooth/wisdom tooth 300-400zł
Extraction of milk tooth with anaesthetic 50-80zł (depending on the anaesthetic)
Extraction of wisdom tooth from 200zł
Extraction 100-500zł
Implant consultation 100zł (should implant follow, this cost is included in treatment)
Consultation 100zł

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To provide our services at the highest level, we use cookies that are stored on your device. At any time, you can make changes to your browser settings and disable the option of storing cookies.