Calcium hydroxide after whitening dead teeth 50zł
Root canal filling 200-500zł
Intermediate visit 100zł
Root canal retreatment 200-500zł
Devitalisation 100zł
Abscess incision 50-100zł


Flap surgery with bone-replacement material 300zł+ sutures
Flap surgery with bone-replacement material 350zł + graft material
Membrane application 300-600zł + graft material
Surgical extraction single-root tooth 120-180zł | root tooth 140-500zł
Closed curettage for each tooth 100zł
Open curettage for 1 tooth 200zł | for all teeth 700zł
Implant-supported denture individually costed
Crown on bridge individually costed
Crown 2500zł
Ridge augmentation 350-1000zł + graft material
Open sinus lift 2500-3000zł + graft material
Closed sinus lift 1500-1800zł + graft material
Uncovering an implant from another clinic 400zł
Uncovering an implant from our clinic free
Placement of implant 2500zł


Trans-palatal arch 300 zł
Band bonding 50 zł
Repair of removable braces 80-150 zł
Re-adhesion of bracket 50 zł
Removal of fixed braces – one arch 100 zł
Fixed retention braces 200-350 zł
Plate retention braces 350 zł
Twin Force bite corrector 800 zł
Motion appliance 800 zł
Hyrax appliance 600 zł
Haas appliance 600 zł
Follow-up appointment (removable braces) 50 zł
Follow-up appointment (fixed braces) 100 zł
Twin Block appliance 800 zł
Removable braces 500-900 zł
Fixed self-ligating braces – single arch 2200 zł
Fixed aesthetic braces – single arch 2500 zł
Fixed metal braces – single arch 1700 zł
Orthodontic consultation with impressions 100 zł
Orthodontic consultation 100 zł


Dental sealing 40zł (1 tooth)
Impregnation / silver nitrate filling (3 visits, paid on the 1st) 100zł
Varnishing 90zł
Sandblasting 100zł
Scaling 70zł – 140zł – 2 archs


Ivoclar dentures (full set) 250zł
Transparent palate 150zł
Strengthening mesh 150zł
Crown bonding 50zł
Denture repair (1 point) 100zł
Partial denture with clasps (2 crowns + 2 clasps + frame) 2 x 600zł + 1000zł + 1200zł
Splint partial denture 1500zł
Partial denture 1300-1500zł
Dental guard (for grinding) 250zł
Denture relining 250zł
Denture up to 4 teeth 450zł
Denture from 9 to 13 teeth 550zł
Denture up to 9 teeth 600zł
Full denture (non state healthcare refundable) 800-1000zł
Standard onlay 80zł
Fibreglass onlay 400zł
Lab-cast 3-root onlay 300-400zł
Lab-cast 2-root onlay 250zł
Lab-cast 1-root onlay 200zł
Metal crown 500zł
Full ceramic crown 1200zł
Zirconia crown 1400zł
Aluminium crown 1600zł
Porcelain crown on metal 800-1600zł
Full ceramic veneer 1200-1400zł
Acetal, nylon dentures 1500zł


Laser treatment 20zł or 30zł
50zł – 1 arch 70zl – 2 arches
Amalgam 80-100zł
Retention pins 50zł
Hypersensitivity treatment 20zł (1 tooth)
Biopharmaceutical 50-100zł
Whitening of dead teeth 3 x 50zł (three appointments)
Rinsing gum pockets 30-50zł
Root canal therapy (children) 60zł + filling 80zł
Whitening 800zł- lamp | 700zł – overlays
Treatment-free check up (second visit) 50zł
Treatment-free check up (first visit) free
Tooth reconstruction 250-400zł
Light-cured veneer 300zł
Wypełnienie światłoutwardzalne u dzieci 80zł
Composite filling (children) 70zł
Composite filling 70zł
Light-cured filling 100-200zł
X-ray 20zł
Anaesthesia Xylonor 30zł
Consultation 50-100zł
Panoramic dental X-ray 70zł


Excision of gingival pocket (inc. dressing) 100zł
Radectomy (root excision) 200-300zł
Abscess incision (inc. dressing) 100zł
Cystectomy 300-1500zł
Hemisection 120zł
Crown extension 200zł
Frenuloplasty (upper and lower lip, tongue) 100-120zł
Extraction of root residue or completion of extraction 500zł
Sutures 50zł+20zł removal of stitches
Reverse root canal filling 100zł
Root resection (premolars/molars) 500-600zł
Root resection (insicors/canines) 350zł
Oroantral communication closure 350zł
Surgical tooth extraction with flap detachment 300-400zł
Surgical extraction of impacted tooth/wisdom tooth 300-400zł
Extraction of milk tooth with anaesthetic 50-80zł (depending on the anaesthetic)
Extraction of wisdom tooth from 200zł
Extraction 100-500zł
Implant consultation 100zł (should implant follow, this cost is included in treatment)
Consultation 100zł